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Boys and girls, friends, family and neighbors, wild and otherwise, we are proud (and quite curious too) to announce that The Wild Detectives are finally in town.

They are rather mysterious group but we have learned their intentions to bring books which on its own seems like a mysterious object. We haven't seen one of those ones so far but we encourage you to stop by and check them out, if you don't like them you can still get a cup of coffee or a drink. In the meantime, don't drop your good-old-fashioned tablets just yet, cannot really tell you how this book thing is going to work out.

coffee: brewed and espresso
beer: local drafts and bottled
wine: fine selection of spanish wines
food: pastries and cheese plates

Opening Hours:

from 2pm to 11pm
Tuesday to Thursday
from 8:30am to 11pm
Friday and Saturday
from 8:30am to 12pm
from 10pm to 10pm

Well, we are truly sorry if you come to this Web page only to keep seeing that “full website coming soon” banner at the top. Yes, we know, that soon doesn’t seem to be quite soon and we hope you guys will understand. In the meantime, there are friends here and there that (unconsciously but graciously) were really kind to write/speak a few nice words about us and we have humbly reproduced the links below:

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