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Introducing Tostas

Published in Own Horn, on August 25, 2015
by Vicky Sanz

They did it again. I don’t know how, but The Wild Detectives bunch keep managing to surprise us and improve the experience you get when you cross their doors on 8th Street.

That little house in the heart of Bishop Arts combines quite a few of my favorite pleasures… good books, excellent coffee, a nice patio and you can drink… but there was something missing. Sometimes after a long day working, a lot of studying or in the midst of a very animated conversation you would feel that sensation growing inside you… hunger. Up till now, that was the moment you would probably have to close your tab and wander looking for another place. Not anymore.

The Wild Detectives invited Spanish chef Álvaro Alejandre to come to Dallas and create a special menu for them. The challenge, create an authentic Mediterranean cuisine experience that would fit the needs and space of the bookstore. The key word was experience.

“In Spain, food is about sharing… it’s the background of long conversations with friends here and there,” explains Álvaro. His task was to adapt and recreate that mindset for Dallas; so the concept of Tostas was brought in. “They are bigger than the usual tapa,” describes Álvaro “we wanted to keep our roots and flavors, but tailor them to the local needs.” The result is a creative, well-crafted selection of premium ingredients like roasted bell peppers, arugula, honey mustard, herb roasted turkey, arranged in a menu of seven Tostas. Álvaro, also a sommelier, has paired them with the proper wines.

Although they might seem just a toast, don’t be fooled, they are way more complex and simply delicious. From the classic Pan Tumaca and Prosciutto, the Texas inspired Avocado tosta, to the Salmon and Alioli, the combinations are poetic. There is no way you can try just one, you just feel compelled to try them all. Reserve special place for the Tuna and Anchovies one, its Cantabric Sea anchovies on top of a Misonnaise base is something else. Do not leave without dessert, I repeat; don’t leave without the Honey Cream Cheese Tosta.

So yes, there is one more reason to visit and linger at the Wild Detectives… the Tostas. Keep tuned, you never know what they’ll do next.


VICKY SANZ, an Argentine calling Dallas home. A very subjective observer, a passionate reader, unashamedly obsessed with film, addicted to travel, a storyteller, a writer.